The best clubs in Paris to go with your escort

Paris offers a multitude of entertainment venues, and you can never run out of options when it comes to partying. However, when you date a hot escort Paris, you will want to treat her to the best possible lounges and bars. If you are running out of ideas where you might take your special lady tonight, then this short guide on the best clubs in the French capital city will surely help you.

Choose the electronic scene

It is the age of electronic music! Most girls in Paris choose to spend their weekends raving in some of the best electro clubs in town. If you want to show your escorts that you are up-to-date with the latest musical styles, you should take them to one of the downtown venues that play the most recent hits.

In this regard, your first stop should be at the Supersonic, a new age club located in an old factory building with an open roof that lets the moonlight in. Some of the best DJs in France come to play here, so the high-quality sound is guaranteed.

Go back in time in Belleville

If you are dating an escort Paris, you will surely get the chance to visit La Java. This joint has been a popular presence in Belleville since 1924. For almost 100 years, the Parisian scene has included this venue among its top partying locations.

Simmer down in artsy clubs

If your date is not fond of electronic music, and if she finds La Java too crowded, you can take her to smaller venues that play background music. These joints are ideal for face-to-face conversations, sensual touches, and private connections.

One of the best places where you can take your escorts is L’entrée des Artistes. Nestled in the city center, this small bar plays live music that is not disruptive to its clients. Here, you can enjoy your afternoon cocktail or your midnight drinks in the company of sexy, irresistible paid companions.

Join a masquerade ball

If there is one thing that French escorts love to attend is a masquerade ball. These parties combine old rituals of 19th century balls with modern etiquette. Here you get to hide your identity behind a sensual mask and engage in flirtatious conversations with beautiful models whose identity is equally unknown to you.

You have to be extremely unlucky to leave one of these parties without a suitable date. Some of the sexiest and most glamorous women in France attend these masquerade balls. One of the best hosts for this party is the Taken-Club, where celebrations last until the early hours in the morning.

Visit a notorious nightclub

You could not claim to have been partying in France unless you visited some of its most famous clubs. In this regard, you cannot leave the country without taking your escort Paris to the Wanderlust venue in the French capital. This joint offers a large dancing area, four different bars and a huge terrace where you can dance the night away.

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