RNB Music

Why do we Enjoy Listening to RNB Music?

Many people do not realize that R&B actually goes back a long way and is not just your Chris Brown’s, Usher’s, and Beyonce’s that are seen today. In fact this beautiful form of music first came about back in the 1940’s from artists such as Louis Jordan , Roy Brown, and Wynonie Harris  and has always been a popular style right until this day.


This African-American style of tempo has since been mastered by superstars such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Whitney Houston and it is known for lyrics usually being about soul, love, life, and heartbreak.  It is a style that looks like it will never die and will in fact just evolve even more into the future.


Why So Popular?

The melody provided by good RNB songs allows for some beautiful tunes to be constructed and when combined with wholesome lyrics the end result can be nothing short of fantastic. It is a type of sound that is loved across many age groups and of course gender which lends itself to being a popular

The great thing about RNB is that it can be very romantic which makes it ideal for playing when having a date. Those special occasions when a man brings his loved one, potential new girlfriend or even one of the many high quality London girls out for a date, they can use this type of sound to generate just the right kind of atmosphere.


London ladies are known for not only being very beautiful but also for the high level of companionship that they can offer. Girls in general are adept at conversation, are usually high educated and are often well-travelled. In addition to this, they have a great life experience and know how to savour each moment. They can be the extra spice brought to any occasion and will make it one to remember,even if you will want to spend one crazy night in your favorite club.


Where can it be heard?

R&B music is not just confined to our radio stations and music collections as there are many nightclubs around the world that specialize in this kind of sound as well. Nights out at places like this can be highly enjoyable whether it is alone or with some company such as a date or a girl due to the soulful music that is being played.


R&B in our modern day is generally seen as being popular among the younger generation which is why it is often played in clubs but in truth older generations are known to like it as well. This might be down to some of the older artists rather than what is heard today but in essence it is the same kind of sound that has evolved through time.


RNB has been a popular style of music for many decades and it is difficult to see that changing in the future. It is the type of sound that will be able to stand the test of time and will probably still be listened to in another 50 years and quite possibly for many years longer than that.

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