Do oral contraceptives affect your curls?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought to yourself that your hair isn’t the same anymore? Did you notice changes in the shape, strength or shine of your hair? It’s fairly common that as you age, your hair changes itself as well, much like your entire body. The aspect of your mane is affected by many environmental factors such as diet, stress, chemicals, sun exposure and most importantly, hormones.


How hormones affect my curls?


Curly hair is mostly genetically inherited, and the structure responsible for this is the hair follicle, which are bulb-shaped sacs accountable for hair growth and also the shape of the hair itself. If the follicle is asymmetrical, the hair will be oval and tends to bend itself, producing beautiful curls!


Basically, there’s a whole environment around your hair follicles. And this environment needs to be in good health for your hair to maintain its health as well, such as an appropriate amount of nutrients and balanced hormones. A natural product like Provillus we’ll do the trick!


During pregnancy or menopause, for instance, many women claim that their hair changed its look or structure, causing their curls to loosen up and become straighter than they used to be. And the culprit for these changes is the hormonal imbalance.


Birth control pills and curls


But what happens with them if we take birth control pills? Oral contraceptives have a similar mechanism of action with pregnancy. They contain a mix of hormones, respectively estrogen, and progesterone, much like the hormonal boost you have when you are pregnant. Simply put, they trick your body into thinking that it’s pregnant. Many women claim their curls are not what they used to be and hair became more fragile and brittle when they started to be on “the pill” and especially after they gave up on taking it. Of course, it doesn’t happen to everybody. But if it happens to you, it’s not a death sentence!  There are many ways to maintain your curls in shape – you can use particular hair products for curly hair, introduce foods rich in phytoestrogen like soybeans, oat and wheat berries and also it’s important to monitor your hormone levels. You should refer to your physician when you decide to start taking oral contraceptives.


So don’t despair! Although some women experience hair reshaping, there are many things you can do about it and still safely using the birth control pill. One solution is to use an all-natural remedy like Provillus and notice the difference!   

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