About Darlington RnB

Darlington RnB Club are about to celebrate their seventh anniversary in June. They are also coincidently,
about to stage their 150th gig on June 21st when Doncaster – based group, The Paul Gibbard Band will be performing at the club for the first time.

The club is run by a committee of nine dedicated people, who give up their spare time to organize and promote their gigs, which are based at the towns Arts Centre.
To commemorate the anniversary, the club have also released a limited edition compilation c.d. which
includes sixteen bands who have appeared at the club over the last two years. All the tracks on the c.d. have been donated with the bands full permission.

The club have recently attracted interest from European and American artists who regularly tour the U.K’s Rhythm ‘n’ Blues circuit. The club have an enviable reputation of being well run and organized for looking after both band and fan’s interests. They are well known and well established in the British blues world.
The club have a very successful record of selling out their gigs over the seven years, when almost 9/10 shows are sold out.
The now annual Darlington Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Market Square Festival is also in it’s seventh year, with this years event being set for Sunday 15th September. This well established festival is organized by both Darlington Borough Council and the Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Club. [The council organize the event with the club promoting the bands both on the main stages and in the Market Square public houses].
The new Spring /Summer season is now underway at the Arts Centre and R’n’B fans are already booking their tickets in advance for what promises to be yet another successful year in the history of Darlington Arts Centre Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Club.

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