RNB Music

Why do we Enjoy Listening to RNB Music? Many people do not realize that R&B actually goes back a long way and is not just your Chris Brown’s, Usher’s, and Beyonce’s that are seen today. In fact this beautiful form of music first came about back in the 1940’s from Read More


Best RNB Artists of All Time RNB music has created many celebrity names over the years with many of these artists actually being some of the biggest names on the planet in their day. This soulful style of music requires strong vocal skills and is not a style that just Read More

About Darlington RnB

Darlington RnB Club are about to celebrate their seventh anniversary in June. They are also coincidently, about to stage their 150th gig on June 21st when Doncaster – based group, The Paul Gibbard Band will be performing at the club for the first time. The club is run by a Read More